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26 July 2023

Bismarck einen Spiegel vorhalten
(Holding up a Mirror to Bismarck)


Presentation of the submitted competition designs for the contextualisation of the Hamburg Bismarck Monument

at the Hamburg Historical Museum
The idea sketch was submitted for the open international ideas competition of the Hamburg Historical Museums Foundation "Rethinking Bismarck". At a height of 34 meters, a mirror is held up to the central figure of the Bismarck Monument as a sign visible from afar. The large mirror made of polished stainless steel is suspended from a building crane that has been structurally designed for this purpose. The distant gaze of the Bismarck statue is reflected back to the figure itself.
-------> more information about the project

23 June 2023

Schlafendes Pferd (Sleeping Horse

Reumanplatz, Vienna, Austria

A project of KÖR (Public Art Vienna)

The "Sleeping Horse" was developed within the framework of KÖR (Public Art Vienna) for Reumannplatz in Vienna-Favoriten.
In a photogrammetric 3-D process, the body shape of a sleeping Viennese horse lying on its side was taken. A life-size, detailed bronze cast of it was placed on a monumental pedestal in the urban space.

-------> more information about the projekt
-------> KÖR Sleeping Horse (external)

22 June 2022

Waage (AT)


Idea sketch in the context of the art-in-building competition for the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe

Competition entry, not realized

The grounds of the BGH (Federal Court of Justice) in Karlsruhe are being redesigned. In the process, it will be transformed into a tangible overall structure that will represent the rule of law, but also symbolically strengthen Karlsruhe in its identity as the "residence of the law".

As part of the art-in-building competition, we developed a concept for a participatory walk-in work. The scale in its original, simple construction will be disassembled and both halves will be placed spatially and separately from each other, so that the two halves are not visible at the same time. One element stands on the site, the other in front of the visitor entrance in the street space. Both are connected by a cable several hundred meters long, which runs visibly across the site and transfers power via pulleys from one walkable shell to the other walkable shell.

-------> more information about the project

12 March 2022

MACHT! LICHT! (Power! Light!)

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
(Wolfsburg Art Museum)
Curated by: Andreas Beitin and Holger Broeker

The exhibition Macht! Licht! (Power! Light!) shows 65 artistic positions that deal critically with the use of light in political, ecological or social issues.
As a contribution to the exhibition, two elements of the installation Fixateurs Externes are shown.
The pink light used in it comes from the field of product lighting and is used in supermarkets for the presentation of meat.
The work relates to the discussions in Great Britain to keep young poeple and their potentially anti-social behavior out of public spaces.
The pink lighting emphasizes red tones and therefore also makes skin imperfections visible.

18 November 2021


A large-scale climbing sculpture for the Hwanho Park, Pohang, South Korea

Opening: 5 pm

SpaceWalk was designed as a spectacular large-scale traversable sculpture for the hills of Hwanho Park in the South Korean coastal city of Pohang. This 333-metre-long, gleaming silver track looks like a rollercoaster when seen from a distance. Seen at closer quarters, it reveals itself to be a winding stair, curving through space in spectacular undulations.
-------> more information about the project

18 June 2021

Competition for the overall design concept for the ferris wheel and its surroundings at Spreepark, Berlin

Contribution to the bidding competition, announced by Grünberlin

Heike Mutter / Ulrich Genth together with Ifb-Engineers, Berlin and Sauerzapfe Architects, Berlin

not implemented

Together with architects and structural engineers, an overall concept was developed for the Ferris wheel and its surroundings at Spreepark, a disused amusement park in Berlin.

The artistic concept foresees to cover the big ferris wheel with a contrasting black and white drawing and to add some elements like interactively acting car headlights, a big swiveling fountain that allows to transform it into a bathing giant wheel and a spectacular temperature-dependent color change that gives it a diverse identity...

-------> more information about the project

14 September 2020

Eine rutschbare Kurve aus der Volkswirtschaftslehre
(Slide/economics diagram curve)

Design of a sculpture for the new building of the institute building of the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology in Kassel

not implemented

For the new building of the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology, we created a sculpture that one can walk on and slide, whose form follows a well-known graphic from economics ...
-------> more informationen about the roject

13 October 2019

Avanti-Avanti 100
(movement as a dream

Mies-van der Rohe-House, Berlin
Opening 2:00 p. m. to 5:00 p .m.

The opening featured a performance in which a young woman moves through the Mies van der Rohe House, going from warm-up exercises to a pole dance routine.

The exhibition features a 360° video, showing the performer alone in the Mies van der Rohe House. A viewer wearing video glasses can turn 360° within the video.

Performer: Miglena Lafchieva 

Exhibition with:
Ilya und Emilia Kabakov, Heike Mutter/Ulrich Genth, Sergei Tchoban

5 June 2019

Publication: Marta-Preis der Wemhöner Stiftung 2014-2018
(Marta Prize of the Wemhöner Foundation 2014-2018)

Museum Marta Herford

23 Mai 2019

Lichtparcours 2020

Proposals for the Lichtparcours 2020

Kunstverein Braunschweig
(Braunschweig Art Associaton)


The project proposal envisages installing five pairs of contemporary car headlights on the parklands close to the civic theatre. The pairs of headlights follow visitors as they move, like the eyes of reptiles.

-------> more information about the project

8 March 2019

Trusted Surfaces

KV Kunstverein-Leipzig (Leipzig Art Association)

Opening 7:00 p. m.

The exhibition displays objects from the Trusted Surfaces ensemble, technologically-manufactured surfaces and system components (building façades, car headlights, kitchen surfaces) and investigates how our perception of them is anchored in culture and psychology.

curated by Kilian Schellbach

-------> more information about the project
-------> (external)

3 October 2018

Freiham Folly

Construction of the Freiham Folly.

-------> more information about the project

23 April 2018


A lecture on the project in: Marta Herford. 

7:00 p. m.

20 February 2018

GOEWE; Symbolisches Kapital

(Symbolic Capital)

Competition entry for a traffic roundabout in Monheim am Rhein.


For this roundabout in the city of Monheim, prominently located immediately on the bank of the Rhine, we designed a bronze figure, a hybrid of goose and lion. It references key myths and legends of the town, which dominate the city’s marketing strategy. Text on the four sides of the pedestal describes the four kinds of capital in Pierre Bourdieu’s theory of capital.

-------> more informationen about the project

24 November 2017

Trusted Surfaces

Galerie Taubert Contemporary, Berlin
Opening 6:00 p. m.

This installation is dedicated to the investigation of technologically-manufactured surfaces and system components (building façades, car headlights, kitchen surfaces) and how our perception of them is culturally and psychologically anchored. In a laboratory-type configuration, a variety of sculptural objects are assembled together that reference processes, technologies, and forms derived from design and architecture. In an open weave of meaning, their connotations are explored: safety, representation, power and status.

-------> more information about the project

3 October 2017

Freiham Folly

The winning design for the Grünband München Freiham (Green Belt Munich Freiham) competition, implemented by summer 2018.

Computer simulation

For the Freiham park complex, a tower was designed that resembles a minaret in its delicacy. However, if the eye travels up the shaft of the tower, it culminates in a tower top whose swelling vaulted balcony with an onion dome roof appears Bavarian.
Its size is calculated to allow people to see it as a landmark, but at the same time its status is unclear, being somewhere between useable architecture and a model or decorative building. The shaft of the tower is embedded in a spherical form made from greenish concrete that optically destabilises this tall structure. The tower appears to be balanced on the sphere.

-------> more information about the project

6 September 2017

Second Nature

The artwork was installed in the foyer of the Klinikum Wahrendorff clinic in Sehnde, where it is on display as a permanent installation.

The foyer is traversed by a brightly shining helix of approx. 120 fluorescent lights of different lengths. The lights are arranged around an axis, winding upward in a spiral. Seven lights of different colours immerse the building’s various different height levels in spheres of light that cannot be clearly separated from one another.

All of the lights used for this installation were from product presentation; the kind of lights that serves to heighten “product eroticism”. In supermarkets, these light sources are deployed in a concealed way, and are not consciously seen as coloured lights. In this installation, on the other hand, combining the individual colours of the various lights makes them perceptible.
-------> more information about the project

9 August 2017



A table talk initiated and moderated by Mutter/Genth with Prof. Dr. Joan Bleicher, Institute for Communication and Media of the University of Hamburg, Dr. Phil. Enrico Hochmuth (Comparative Cultural and Social History) and the members of AG Postkolonial Leipzig, Diana Ayeh (MA Political Sciences / African Studies) and Manu Washaus (artist). 
In the context of the exhibition:


8:00 p. m., KV Leipzig, Kolonnadenstraße 6,
04109 Leipzig

Which forms are best suited for making us conscious of and making us recognise history, and which events survive in our memory, while others are forgotten? Mutter/Genth take the history of the Clara Zetkin Park as a starting point for a discussion about collective memory and about the exhibiting of the exotic, both past and present.

In 1897, Leipzig played host to the Sächsisch Thüringische Industrie und Gewerbe Ausstellung (the Saxon Thuringia Industry and Trade Exhibition), which was held on the site of today’s park, then only recently opened. A colonial park with a display of peoples was considered a special attraction. The Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Ausstellung (German East African Exhibition) was intended, above all, to propagandise for German colonial policy and to promote investment by private businesses in the colonies. The displaying of human beings acquired in the colonies, on the other hand, was above all calculated to satisfy sensation-seekers, at the same time constructing a contrast between the achievements of the industrial age and the “archaic foreign”.

-------> (external)

23 July 2017



Installation Springhornhof Neuenkirchen
Opening 3:00 p. m.

“The Internal Logic of History“ relates directly to the locality of Neuenkirchen and its mythical origins. Most of the time, this artwork is almost entirely concealed in the outer façade of the exhibition room. Only a weather station on the roof and the fine lines of a window aperture in the façade are permanently visible. From time to time, two shutters open in the gable, quite unannounced, and swivel slowly outwards. By means of a concealed mechanism, the two halves of a metal horse head come together in the middle to form a single figure. Heard for some distance all around, it proclaims the legend of how the town of Neuenkirchen came to be; but always in a different version. Each of the various versions concentrates on a different aspect of the mythos. Once the recitation is complete, the shutters close again.

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28 June 2017

(Policy of Friendschip)


An exhibition in the KV Leipzig featuring Johannes Bendzulla, Jennifer Bennett, Miklos Erhard, Adelta Husni-Bey, Mutter/Genth, Alexander Rischer, titre provisoire, Anna Lena von Helldorff, YES! Association/Föreningen JA!, Heimo Zobernig.

Curated by Kriszitina Hunya, Daniel Niggemann

Opening: 7:00 p. m.

25 April 2017



An installation at the Neumarkt Dresden
Opening 4:00 p. m.

The installation "A Memorial for the Permanent New Beginning" consists of a scissor lift painted in a flesh-coloured tone. On its platform, partial casts of various Dresden monuments are brought together to form a three-dimensional collage …
-------> more information / text by Susanne Altmann
-------->article by Holger Birkholz in the Lerchenfeld

23 March 2017

Junger Westen
(Young West)

Exhibition at the Museum DKM Duisburg
Opening 7:00 p. m.

15 November - 3 December 2016


Research and implementation

For the “Reimport” project, a research trip was undertaken to Cotonou in Benin to capture photographic and filmic impressions of the used car trade between Europe and West Africa in collaboration with local partners and to investigate the different repair practices and trading systems. The focus was on the acquisition and re-importation of a German-made vehicle that had been moved from Germany to Benin many years ago, had been in use there for many years and was exhibited as an artifact in Germany.

-------> more information about the project

29 April 2016

Vom Wert der Kunst als Wert der Arbeit

(Of the value of art as the value of work)

Exhibition in the Weltkunstzimmer (World Art Room), Düsseldorf,
curated by Dr. Sabine Maria Schmidt 

Opening 7:00 p. m.

On display: the video artwork Creating Value, based on an advertising video for the Finnish insurance firm Mandatum Life. The original video, produced on Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain, is shown as a loop, ten times in succession. The sequences are subtitled with various different texts, which put it in a number of different contexts and readings in terms of the appropriation of the artwork and its function in the public space.

------> Vom Wert der Kunst als Wert der Arbeit (external)

20 April 2016

Von Klein zu Groß
experimentelles öffentliches Display in Kinderhänden

(From Small to Large,
experimental public display, operated by children)

Competition for art for the new building in the school complex "Pfingstweid" in Zürich-West. 
(2nd place, not implemented)

The proposal consisted of installing a large LED screen similar to a classical advertising screen measuring 600 x 400 cm (width x height) on the roof of the "Pfingstweid" school building – so that it could be seen far and wide all around. Instead of the strictly regulated image succession of an advert, slow images appear here, which show arrangements by children coming into being. They are broadcast from the interior of the school, where a special studio box with a small stage is installed for the arrangement of images and objects. The pupils can use this screen to generate live broadcasts and experimental messages for the public space.
-------> more information about the project

21 December 2015

Kultivierte Konflikte (Cultivated Conflicts)

The new publication brings together 17 selected projects and essays by Karen van den Berg, Ben Kaufmann, Ann Kristin Kreisel, Baptist Ohrtmann and Wolfgang Ullrich.

23 April 2015

RICETTE D'ARTISTA – between art and kitchen

Kunst Meran, Meran, Italy

Opening: 23 April 2015, 6:30 pm

18 April 2015

Book launch of the artist book Spekulative Strukturen

Simultanhalle e.V. - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Volkhovener Weg 209-211, 50765 Cologne. 6pm

15 April 2015

Editions for NAK

Art Cologne,
booth of the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein

21 February – 31 March 2015

The View

Marta Herford, opening of the exhibition UNMÖGLICH – artists as architects: 7:30pm

A delicate and freely combinable structure of highly polished stainless steel rods and connectors serves as carrier for commercially available kitchen cabinets, arranged floating in space, similar to a Constructivist painting.
The stainless-steel rods and the kitchen fronts form a display-like structure that offer an arrangement of various objects...

"The View" was realised as part of the Marta Price of the Wemhöner Stiftung for the collectcion of the Marta Herford.

-------> more information on the project
-------> (external)

26 January 2015

Award ceremony: Marta Price of the Wemhöner Stiftung 2014

8pm Museum Marta Herford, Goebenstrasse 2, Herford

17 January 2015

Modell Kunstverein

The exhibition presented the new editions for the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein.

History Pop

The series contains colour photographs of selected European memorials, that have been raised within the last five years. The photographs are mounted on paper and combined with text assemblies from media coverage and historical research. The series is continually expanding.

The first three motifs are exclusively for the NAK.

-------> more information on the project
-------> (external)

17 January 2015

A Few Pieces

Gallery Taubert Contemporary

-------> information on the object

17 October 2014


Project proposal for the Europaplatz in Recklinghausen as part of the Sparda-Art-Price 2014

The proposal for the Europaplatz in Recklinghausen drafts an approx. 10 metre (33 ft) long model ship inaccessibly residing in the midst of a water expanse. The model is a remake of the Europa which was built in the 20s just before the National Socialists’ seizure of Germany. The high-speed ocean liner was converted for military purposes during World War II, after the war she was initially used as USS Europa by the States, then as Liberté by the French. All the historic states and usages are simultaneously present in the model, showing one side of the hull in the fragmenting razzle-dazzle war camouflage, the other in the French coat Liberté, the way she looked before she was scrapped in the 60s.

-------> more information on the project

10 october 2014

Zwischen Wolf, Pferd, Kranich und
(Between Wolf, Horse, Crane, and Scorpion)

Competition entry for the outdoor area in the Periviertel district, Rostock (not implemented)

The proposed installation would have been an arrangement of various contemporary LED and xenon car headlights in a park, dominated by trees and bushes, in the newly constructed Petriviertel district. These pairs of headlights are installed in fragmentary castings of car frontages, covered in a black-green patina ...
-------> more information about the project

19 July 2014

Spekulative Strukturen (Speculative Structures)

Simultanhalle - Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Volkhovener Weg 209-211, 50765 Cologne
Opening: 6pm

The object consists of several shielding fabrics against electromagnetic waves which are supported by a structure out of CFRP-poles (carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer)...

-------> more information on the project

13 May 2014

Schiefer Wald (Crooked Forest)

Inauguration of the project as a memorial in Eschborn.

-------> more information on the project

28 March 2014

Marta Prize of the Wemhöner Stiftung 2014 goes to Heike Mutter und Ulrich Genth.

The "Marta Prize of the Wemhöner Stiftung" is endowed with 25.000 Euro. Every two years, an artist is selected to create a new, meaningful artwork for the collection of the Marta.

14 February 2014

Project grant Kunstfonds e.V. Bonn for »Reimport«

2 October 2013


Project: Gartenbühnen - Bühnengärten,
(Garden Stages – Stage Gardens)
Castle parc Wendlinghausen

Preview: 2 October 2013, 6pm

The sculpture marks the beginning of the exhibition series Gartenbühne - Bühnengärten (Garden Stages – Stage Gardens) in East Westphalia Lippe. Over the coming years several artists will create a pavillion for a certain castle garden in the region as part of the exhibition series curated by Roland Nachtigäller.

Our project constists of slim white metall bars that define an empty building structure like a drawing in space. The shape derives from a large cosmetics sales booth in a Hamburg department store. Suggestive of an architecture the pavillion raises issue about function and representation.

A circle of pink-violet neon lights is attached around the roof’s lip. They appear as a casual detail during daytime. At night though, they bathe the pavillion in intensive pink light reminiscent of a pop scenery, but at the same time, they highlight skin blemishes like spots.

-------> current information about the project

17 August 2013

Second Nature

Project: Stufen zur Kunst,
Kunstverein Hannover

Preview: 15 August 2013

Through the stair well of the Künstlerhaus Hannover a bright helix out of 160 neon lights of various sizes twists sky-wards in oppsite direction of the stair’s rotation. The lights are hold by a central axis.

All lights used in the installation stem from product enhancement or visual merchandising and usually serve the heightening of the “goods‘ erotic”. In supermakets you won’t usually notice the light being coloured. It is sort of applied “under-cover”. If the lights are turned off they appear equally white.

The work is installed for the duration of one year.

-------> current information about the project
-------> (external)

7 June - 20 July 2013

Fixateurs Externes

Solo exhibition at gallery Taubert Contemporary, Berlin

Preview: 06.06.2013

The ouside of the two frame contructions is equipped with a grid of neon lights creating a pink light. It enhances the visibility of skin blemishes and is applied as riot-gear in public space; against anti-social-behavior of juveniles.

-------> current information about the project

1 February 2013

Von Leichtigkeit und Schwere

Competition of the City of Recklinghausen for a design of the "Kunstmeile Recklinghausen".


In the course of 2012, the City of Recklinghausen set a competition with the objective to determine an art work for the disused coal-mine’s railway track. The 1,6 km (approx 1 mile) long route is now used as a bike path which the city titled "Kunstmeile Recklinghausen".

Our proposal suggests to undo an older, policy-induced art work and recreate a new assembly out of its components...

(not realised)

-------> information on the project

2 May 2013

Schiefer Wald (AT) (Askew Forest)

The project proposal wins the contest of the City of Eschborn for the design of an art work on the former “Streitplacken”.

About 30 trees are planted at a maximum tilt angle around a central open area of the field parcel. The trees are tilted outwards and single stilts keep them in their position. Over the years the trees will react to their forced situation and sprout upwards towards the light. They will take on similarly mysterious and strange shapes as the trees you can find along former trenches where the trees’ scarring and crooked growth bear witness to the events.

"Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain"
on 18 September at

On 18 September at 23.10 pm the WDR television shows a documentary about "Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain" by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth in the series " masterpieces". Repeatedly broadcast on 23 September at 12.30 pm.

24 August. - 2 August 2012

Copenhagen Art Festival

Es gibt keine Spielplätze
(There A
re no Playgrounds)

On the 1st of September 2012, a contribution of Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth appears in the Danish newspaper "POLITIKEN" under the heading "KRONIKEN". The text was written by Hans-Joachim Lenger. It refers to a proposal for the Copenhagen Art Festival.
-------> Text-version (German or Danish)
-------> Copenhagen Art Festival (external)
3 July 2012

Liquid Monuments

Panel discussion
with Prof. Dr. Martin Warnke, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, Prof. Dr. Karen van den Berg, Dr. Söke Dinkla, Ulrich Genth
19 June 2012

Die Unwägbarkeiten des Ortes
(The Uncertainties of the Place)

Artist talk

Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth are talking with Roland Nachtigäller about the spatial orchestration of OWL Gartenbühnen – Bühnengärten (garden stages – stage gardens), Host: Joachim and Elisabeth von Reden, 6pm, Schloss Wendlinghausen, Dörentrup.

3 May 2012

Proposal for public sites in Rome as part of Enel Contemporanea 2012

In the beginning of 2012 we were commissioned by Francesco Bonami to develop an art work for the public space in Rome.

Our proposal drafted a reconstruction of the stage scaffolding from Fellini’s 8-1/2 as a permanently walkable sculpture.

-------> information on the project

The second proposal is based on the idea to specifically scrap and reassemble a discarded container vessel. The bridges and stairs inside remain. The ship, now trimmed to its skeleton, is located on a hill and permanently accessible as walk-through sculpture.

-------> information on the project

27 February 2012

Spannungsbogen (Arc of Tension)

Proposal Sparda-Art-Award NRW

The arc-shaped sculpture stands detached in space. The stiffness is created through the tension in the supporting steel pipe similar to a stretched spring...

Competition proposal for the train station forecourt Paderborn (2nd place, not realised)

-------> information on the project
28 January 2012

i.A. (On behalf of)

-two current projects of the New Patrons Programme.

Artists and patrons are presented within an exhibition at ACC-Galerie Weimar.

Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth | 4pi Systeme – society for astronomy and information technology mbH Sonneberg

Henrik Schrat | Naumburger Bürgerverein e.V..

New Patrons Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt are part of the network New Patrons e.V. Germany and are supported by the Fondation de France. In 2010 New-Patrons-projects have been promoted within a pilot phase in cooperation with the Federal Agency of Civic Education to introduce and establish the programme in Germany.

Curator: Frank Motz

-------> current information about the projekt
-------> (New Patrons EU)
-------> (external)
-------> 4pi Systems / Sternwarte Sonneberg (external)
20 January 2012

Je hais les couples

w jamois art space Paris
Curators: Jeanne Susplugas and Alain Declercq
-------->information about the project (PDF)
8 January 2012

Beaufort 04

Proposals for the exhibition project at the Belgian Coast.

Our favoured proposal: The central monument of the count Paul de Smet de Naeyer is buried under a hill of sand up to the hight of the figure. The proposal deals with the mysterious rotation of the figure some years ago...

....current information about the project:------->

At very short notice, we have been invited for the fourth season of the Beaufort-project, which has opened this spring, to develop a site specific work in De Haan - Wenduine. Despite the enormous endeavours of the curators to convince the local authorities, the local boards refused four proposals in a row for various, mostly political reasons. Afterwards one filled the vacant spot - to the satisfaction of the township - with an already finished work by Bernar Venet.

13 November 2011

Opening of Tiger & Turtle- Magic Mountain

Heinrich Hildebrand Höhe Duisburg
---------> current information about the project
30 October 2011- 5 February 2012

Auxiliary Constructions

Kunsthaus Dresden.
Opening: 29.10.2011
with Nairy Baghramian, Stefan Eichhorn, Friederike Feldmann, Niklas Goldbach, Lukas Hajek, Stef Heidhues, Dominik Lang, Olaf Lauströer, Jozef Legrand, Heike Mutter + Ulrich Genth, Kilian Rüthemann, Marten Schech, Felix Schramm

Curated by Petra Reichensperger

Assistance: Ulrike Jordan
-------> current information about the project
-------> (external)
24 August - 23 October 2011


Raum für Zweckfreiheit Berlin.
Opening: 23.09.2011, 7 pm
with John von Bergen, Goesta Diercks, Heike Mutter/Ulrich Genth, Wolfgang Oelze, Stefan Panhans, Alexander Rischer, Oliver Ross, Andrea Winkler.
----> information about the project (PDF)
06 May 2011

Perspectives for Art in Public Space

Dresden - Perspektiven für
Kunst im öffentlichen Raum

Symposium in the control centre of the former heating and power station Mitte.
-------> information about the project proposal 2

The art comission Dresden invited for the symposium three curators who set out with the public space of the city. On the basis of their research the curators comissioned one artist each to develop a project proposal.

Invited by Roland Nachtigäller we established two proposals:

Anton Lederer
Dr. Petra Reichensperger
Roland Nachtigäller

Esra Ersen
Marit Neeb
Heike Mutter / Ulrich Genth

Presentation of the talk:
Harald Kunde

-------> to the web page of the symposium (external)
15 April 2011

Art in Public Space

Talk in the Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel

with Dr. Anja Hesse, City Councillor in Charge of Cultural Affairs City of Braunschweig / Alexandra Hupp, Office of Cultural Affairs Wolfenbüttel / Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, Hamburg / Dr. Petra Reichensperger, aesthetics and art historian, Berlin, artistic curator Kunsthaus Dresden / Elisabeth Vorderwülbecke, art historian, Wolfenbüttel
-------> current information about the project
6 April- 15 May 2011

The Self-Fulfilling Presence of the Prophecy

Die selbsterfüllende Gegenwart der Prophezeiung

Installation in the Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel.

A ring-shaped waiting room is set up in the three rooms of the Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel. Cryptic images hang on the walls and different objects are laid out on the tables.
-------> text by Karen van den Berg
-------> current information about the project
2 April 2011

For an Indefinite Period of Time the Ghostrider Appears on the Memorial of Duke August in Wolfenbüttel.

Intervention in the town of Wolfenbüttel.
In the night 2nd to 3rd of April 2011 and without prior notice a second figure has been placed and firmly weld onto the central memorial in the market place in Wolfenbüttel.

The public is left in the dark about the authorship and origin of the figure. A few days later a riddle has been published in the Wolfenbüttel and Braunschweig newspapers. It also provided the information, that the Duke August-memorial will only return to ist original state if someone solves the riddle.

-------> current information about the project
-------> text by Karen van den Berg

Lectures in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm – Presentation of 12 Projects

– on invitation of Lars Mikael Raattama

24 March 2011, 6pm, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Stockholm, Sweden

07 September 2010

Laying of the foundation stone

Laying of the foundation stone and round of talks on Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe (D).
-------> web site of the Culture Capitol Office (external)
23 July 2010

Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain

The construction of the walkable outdoor sculpture on the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe (D) starts in the beginning of August.
Landmarke Angerpark »Tiger & Turtle / Magic Mountain« / Project design: Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth / Culture Capitol Office Duisburg 2010

Project partner: Stadt Duisburg, district government Münster, Ministry of the Environment NRW, bk2a architektur (Köln), designtoproduction (Stuttgart), ifb frohloff staffa kühl ecker (Berlin)
-------> current information about the project

12 June 2010

»Precarious Stand«
the Balance of Comfort and Endeavour

The release of the exhibition piece in public space for the project »Residual« in Mexico-City.

Curators: Paulina Cornejo, Gonzalo Ortega, Sabine Maria Schmidt

We created for the exhibition project »Residual« a mobile snack stall standing on bended runners. With every movement of the vendors or the clients, the stall swings to the side so the process of selling is transferred into a permanent, precarious balance-performance. Changing, local snack bar vendors offer their meals in the snack stall. Thereby, all the wrappings are compostable and have been tested for suitability for the Mexican street-kitchen.
-------> more information about the project
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07 May 2010

Painting Workshop for the Underground

(project of art in construction)

On 07.05.2010 the poster posting of the painting-details started in the inner City of Munich. For this occasion, a press event took place at10am in the visitors-entrance on Akademiestrasse.

The project »painting workshop for the underground« arose in a contest of art in construction given by the Munich municipal sewerage company. The central piece of the project is a monumental oil painting that is painted in the style of an allegorical, medieval painting. In many talks and over a period of several weeks, the motives have been worked out together with the canal workers and are based on real events. The canal workers chose their form of presentation themselves or they entered the painting in form of a narrated story. The finished painting, with the measures 364cm x 140cm | 143in x 55in, hangs, inaccessible for the public, in one of the sewerage depots. Five different excerpts printed and mounted on advertising boards are on view in the inner City of Munich during a period of two months.
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1 May 2010

An das Gerät!

Fragments of the »Metareflektor – Luftoffensive« are presented in the exhibition "An das Gerät!", in HALLE 14 of the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig(D). The exhibition focuses on equipment and tools used by artists. Curator: Frank Motz
-------> (external) HALLE 14
31 March 2010

Blind Date

Blind Date Installation for one evening in the Kunstverein Hannover (D)
Three connected rooms of the Kunstverein Hannover are isolated for one evening called »Blind Date«. In the centre of the biggest room stands a 350cm (137,8in) high sculpture rotating without cease and, in this way, refuses closer details to the public. It only comes to a standstill if no one of the visitors moves in any of the three rooms of the Kunstverein.
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19 - 21 March 2010

Grand Hotel Panhans

Exhibition in the urban fellowship-studio on Jungfernstieg.
Curated by Stefan Panhans
5 February 2010

Candy Pink

Installation in the Gängeviertel Hamburg (D), exhibition project "DA HOOD" Vol.1.
Light pink fluorescent tubes and a mirrored pedestal partly covered by a pile of straw are arranged in a room in one of the squats of the Gängeviertel in Hamburg (D). The utilized fluorescent tubes with the designation »candy pink« came into action in Great Britain since 2007 in order to fight anti-social-behaviour and drive away young people from public places. One noticed that the rosé lightening highlights any skin impurities and emphasizes any pimples or other signs of ugliness.
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18 January 2010

Infamous Buildings

These two objects are on view in the fellowship exhibition of the freien und Hansestadt Hamburg in the Kunsthaus Hamburg (D).
The sculptures consist of thin metal rods connected by joints that are only hold together by tightly spanned satin ribbons. If the ribbons are opened, the objects immediately expand and collapse.
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9 July2009

-Project Proposal for "Renaturation of the River Seseke- Über Wasser gehen"
("Walk over Water") – A Project of Ruhr 2010 European Capital of Culture

Proposal for the mouth of the Braunebach in Kamen.

li re
Computer simulation
Proposal for a drawbridge over the Braunebach near Kamen which opens in an asynchronous mode.
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20 May 2009

Tiger & Turtle - Magic Mountain

Walkable outdoor sculpture for the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe, Duisburg (D)
Computer simulation
This project won the closed international contest for the landmark on the Heinrich-Hildebrandt-Höhe in Duisburg (D); this contest was initiated as part of the European Capital of Culture Ruhr 2010. The project will be realised till early summer next year. The zinc-coated steel wings of the rollercoaster lead the visitor in several curves and slopes into a height of fifteen meters above the hill.
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-------> text by N. Büsing and H. Klaas (german)

07 February- 15 March 2009

Arrangement mit Kran, Spiegel, Fackelträger und Stabilé (Arrangement with Crane, Mirror, Torchbearer and Stabilé)

Installation at the Maschsee, Hannover, part of the exhibition "Neulicht am See".

Detail of the installation

The installation consists of a tower crane holding a large mirror that is directly placed in front of the torchbearer in about 21m (68 ft) above ground in order to reflect it. The figure of the torchbearer was set up in times of the National Socialism in honour of the workpeople who built the Maschsee within the programme of employment-creation measure. The arrangement also includes a sculpture by Alexander Calder; it was as well set up on the square nearby the torchbearer in the 70s.

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Hamburg Grant of Fine Arts for Ulrich Genth

9 December 2008 - 5 January 2009

Château Bonheur Éphemère

Details of the installation "flying service" in the Kunsthaus Hamburg.

View of the installation at the Kunsthaus Hamburg
For the equipment of the bar that keeps the petrol station's roof of the "Flying-Service"-installation in balance, we developed a wine edition.
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Eine der schönsten Praktiken ist die Läuterung von der Idee des Klischees (One of the Most Beautiful Practices is the Sublimation of the Idea of the Cliché)

Contribution to the »Pie Bible«, a collection with contributions by artists, tips about everything to do with sex. An artist project by M + M

17 March - 1 June 2008

Für eine Ökonomie des Tauschens
(For an economy of exchange)

Installation / performative staging. Forum Paradoxien des Öffentlichen (Forum Paradoxes of the Public)

The project was designed for the shopping mall of the "City-Palais Duisburg" and aims to be integrated and legitimized with its fun-fair character into the completely controlled and restrictively treated consumer space. It aims to open up a discussion with the public in this newly gained scope on-site.

The public is urged into actions of exchange; Goods or actions can be exchanged into an art object. The art objects are limited and not available on the art market.
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First prize Closed competition for Art in Construction of Landeshauptstadt München/ Stadtentwässerung (Regional Capitol Munich/ urban drainage) Public offer of reward by Quivid

Realisation 2008 / 2009

13 July 2007 - 2010

Die demokratische Sozialisation des kreativen Lasters (The Democratic Socialisation of the Creative Lorry)

Project for public space in cooperation with the Fa Schmuck-Armaturen. Steinheim, project of the Bildhauersymposion Heidenheim Werk 07.

The project relates to the Bildhauersymposion Heidenheim. Artists are invited to create artworks for the public space. The artworks will then be realised by industrial partner companies.

In our special case, we were confronted with the proposal of the company to use 200 metres of orange plastic tube to create our artwork. We took up the structure and considered it as precedent. The tube became a sculpture that is permanently fixed on the loading area of a lorry.

The position of the lorry can be democratically chosen, discussed and continuously debated on a webpage. Every three weeks the sculpture is changing its location.
-------> webpage of the project (german)
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-------> text by Klaus Ronneberger (german)

31 May - 24 June 2007

Flying Service

Installation in the Bellvuesaal Wiesbaden, Verein zur Förderung künstlerischer Projekte mit gesellschaftlicher Relevanz (Association for the promotion of art projects with social relevance).

Installation view Bellevuesaal, Wiesbaden

The installation consists of a downscaled model of an in reality existing petrol station from the 60s. A bar has been fixed on its backside. While the roof of the original petrol station is steeply rising upwards, the model of the exhibition space is balanced on its leading edge in such a way that it is kept horizontally up in the air. The bar functions as the counterweight of the roof and it is fixed with an adjustable rail on the backside. Like this, it facilitates the sensitive balance. The visitor is free to make use of the bar, but he/she is then challenged to adjust the balance that has been changed by the unloading.

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24 - 25 May 2007

Paradoxien des Öffentlichen
Paradoxes of the Public

About the self-organisation of public space Akzente-Plattform, European Capitol of Culture Ruhr 2010, in Landschaftspark, Duisburg-Nord

Artistic management Dr. Söke Dinkla

Werkstatt 2 (Workshop 2): Commercial premises, shopping malls and passages

Moderation: Frank Roost, with BBM, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, Raumlabor Berlin

-------> (external) Paradoxes of the Public
25 April - 14 June 2007

Vorrichtung, um ein Ei im Flug auszubebrüten (Device to Hatch an Egg in flight)

Kunststiftung (Artist Fund) Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart
Installation in the Kunststiftung BW in Stuttgart
The centre of the installation is a test arrangement where an egg is freely hovering, balanced on a strong airflow. The space is heated up to about 42°C and the air humidity is kept on the maximum value with the aid of an additional device. So the visitor is welcomed in a sticky breeding climate.
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13 January - 10 February 2007

Cut Out of Context

Gallery VOUS ETES ICI, Amsterdam

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special edition
artist book

9 November 2006 - Juli 2007

Contribution for the realisation of the project - Die demokratische Sozialisation des kreativen Lasters * (The democratic socialisation of the creative lorry) – within the frame of the Bildhauersyposion Heidenheim Werk 07

16 - 29 November 2006

Exhibition of the drafts for the closed contest of a creative design for the new Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (Federal Ministry of Health in Bonn

26 October - 26 November 2006

Installation in the Wallraff-Richartz Museum Cologne.

The living- and exploratory-research station in the medieval saloon in the Wallraff-Richartz Museum.

Exhibition: "Echo" New Media / Old Masters, Spiridon Neven DuMont winner in the Wallraff-Richartz Museum.

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06 October - 26 November 2006

Installation in the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen.

On the roof of the Kunsthalle Reckinghausen stands an inhabited research station that the public can see easily from the street. Entering the museum in the ground floor, the visitors see at first a video showing the transport of the research station onto the roof. The helicopter with its strange freight is in the beginning only a point on the horizon then it slowly approaches the roof of the museum. As the visitors advance via the stairs in the building, they encounter a system of ropes and platforms which expands from top down and becomes more and more dense the further they get. This system provides a second level of motion; it enables to move without floor contact through the entire museum. Exhibits of the collection are also arranged in the museum.
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09 July 2006 - 20 August 2006

Zwischenstopp auf der Suche nach einer Obstabgabestelle mit Erkenntnisverlust (Stopover During the Searching for a Collection Point for Fruits with Loss of Understanding)

Installation in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg

Exhibition "End of Season" of the Lehmbruck-Fellowship Holders, 2004 – 2006 Installation view Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum

Installation in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum

The fragments of the installation "Zentrale zur Verwaltung manifester Äusserungsanliegen" (Headquarter for the administration of manifest commentarial concerns) are arranged on chassis (racks with wheels) and form a convoy through the museum. A camp is installed in the first unit; the camp is entirely equipped with private everyday objects.

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30 April 2006 - 25 June 2006

Zentrale zur Verwaltung manifester Äußerungsanliegen (Headquarter for the Administration of Manifest, Commentarial Concerns).

Project for the 29. Duisburger Akzente in cooperation with the exhibition "Designing Truth" in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg Installation in public space.
Installation view of the crossing Düsseldorfer Straße

With the "Zentrale zur Verwaltung manifester Äusserungsanliegen" the user has the possibility to send out any statement lying at the heart or to record any other acoustic work and broadcast it. For this reason, a sound recording point has been allocated in the Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum.

Via the outdoor module, the statement is plainly audible in the public space at the crossing Düsseldorfer Straße / Friedrich Wilhelm Straße during a period of four days. There is no censorship.

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-------> (external) designing truth
-------> (external)
Thursday 23 of March 2006, 7pm, town hall Fellbach

December 2 2005, Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach

19 - 20 November 2005

Zwischen den Stühlen (Between the Chairs)

Contribution for the exhibition project – Wir bei HKM – in den Hüttenwerken Krupp-Mannesmann
View of site; old carpenter's workshop at HKM
View from outside

(We at HKM) – in the smelter Krupp-Mannesmann View of site; old carpenter's workshop at HKM View from outside

"Wir bei HKM" takes place on November 19 and 20, 2005 in the old carpenter's workshop at the smelter Krupp-Mannesmann.

Participating artists: Yukako Ando, Martin Pfeiffle, Heike Mutter, Dr. Christina Griebel, Ohio, Jörg Paul Janka, Roland Schappert, Jörn Vanhöfen, Ulrich Genth

Curator: Sabine Maria Schmidt

Contractor: Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Hüttenwerk Krupp-Mannesmann

Programme: (Exhibition, performance, lecture, short sight-seeing tours to the smelter) Saturday 19.11., 12am-8pm, Sunday 20 November, 12am-6pm.

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Object/series of photographs shown at: Wir bei HKW (We at HKW)
C-print on aluminium
The adapter-object is a portable transformer that can be connected with high voltage power lines in order to use their power and also to create a comfortable and also adventurous spot for oneself.
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Young artists from Cologne under 35 years. Opening 30.10.2005, 12am, Kölncarré

Die solide Wirklichkeit des Bedingten (The Solid Reality of the Condition)

Sculpture Biennial Münsterland 2005

View from the Berkelinsel, Vreden
View of the Hunningsche Mühle, Vreden

The wooden chopper is located on the footbridge across the water of the Berkel-river in Vreden. Its rotor slowly rotates and is driven by the waves and an archaic wooden cogwheel that gets its angular momentum from the water mill on the opposite side.

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-------> (external)

DVD-loop (16 minutes)
In production as an edition For
the Sony WEGA Motion-Art Project

Picture of the shooting
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Benefit-auction of contemporary art In favour of the European Kunsthalle in Cologne.

2 October 2004, 5pm Kunsthaus Lempertz

Installation with the Museum Haus Esters Krefeld
Installation Haus Esters, Krefeld

Our contribution for the group exhibition Transfer/Chilufim is four floodlight masts. We placed one mast in each corner of the estate of the Museum of Krefeld, Haus Esters. The floodlight exposes the entire building in bright light.

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SpacaWalk – The walkable outdoor large-scale sculpture in the Hwanho Park in Pohang, South Korea is open to the public since November 18th, 2021.
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